Functional Programming with Clojure

Functional programming has previously been seen as a niche, academic form of programming with little use in popular commercial software development. With greater system resources available on modern computers, and multi-core processors encouraging emphasis on multithreading, functional programming is back – and here to stay.

Paul Williams will initially demonstrate simple functional programming concepts like immutability using the Clojure REPL. He will walk through options on getting a Clojure environment working, but clojurerepl is an equally good environment in which to try the language with no setup. If you want to install Clojure, please ensure you have a modern JDK installed.

Once people have basic familiarity with the language and REPL, he’ll present some of Clojure’s time / noise saving features like destructing, and map / reduce.

Many OO / imperative programmings understand the benefits of FP, but don’t see how an application can be written with immutable state – Paul will finish off with a quick demo of a simple system written in ClojureScript / Clojure with an immutable database – Datomic.

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