September 2013 – Retrospective

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Following some discussion on the Google Groups, and offline, we decided to do an ad-hoc group retrospective during Septembers meet up. We didn’t follow the normal retro questions – what’s gone well, what can be improved etc.

Rather, we brainstormed future session ideas, tabled the possibility of changing venues. We’ve been challenged on how to attract new members and speakers and pondered the symbiotic relationships between them.

We’re currently moving all the great ideas from a mind map into two Trello hosted kanban boards. The key areas discovered were future sessions and marketing – you will find a board for each area. If you would like to contribute to the boards, simply let myself or Neil know your Trello username and you’ll be added.

In particular, we’re moving back to basics with subject matter – more TDD, more pairing. In particular, more sessions on experiences – how agile does / doesn’t work. However learning evolves etc. Also, more lightning talks etc to promote collaboration and introducing new ideas.

As a tactical move to promote Agile Staffordshire at other community events, Neil and myself are sorting t-shirts to wear at Software Craftsmanship. Neil – order me a large!!

Finally we plan to get blog posts out earlier, with a session follow up post each month followed soon after by a post promoting the next session. We need to increase the volume and always welcome new members.


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