Review: Brooklyn Beta and Maintainable C

Brooklyn Beta

A big thank you  to Trevor for sharing his brilliant talk on experiences at Brooklyn Beta earlier this year, which focused on web platforms delivering. It is really encouraging to see the move towards organisations exposing data allowing the creation of business that can deliver the real value of that data by matching the needs of those in the community. The event is highly recommended with further details on Trevor’s Blog, so if your interested in attending next year, watch out for details here  –

Maintainable C

We then moved onto Trevor’s C code used for stenography and discussed how it can be tested. The ideas presented for testing involved simple regression tests to ensure it was functionally working using shell scripts, then work on breaking down the single function into logical methods/applications that are effectively unit tested. You can contribute to the project at Trevor’s repository.


I’ll be sure to get a link up for the slides from Trevor shortly.

It was good to see new faces, and thanks to everyone for attending.

Next Month

The provisional date for next month is 17th December at Morris Man for the annual Agile Staffordshire Christmas Meal.


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  1. My own policy wiped the Pad so I’ll have to re-do the slides. Should not be a problem as I have the notes. I plan to get them done this week.

    Thank you, Agile Staffs. I really enjoyed this session.

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