October Meeting: Lightning Talks and Kata


Ka-boom (lightning) By Leszek.Leszczynski

Date: Thursday 27th October

Time: 7:15pm start to a 9:15pm (doors open at 6:30pm and close when the kata’s over).

Location: http://www.pieandale.com

Theme: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

The short format of a lightning talk means that we can fit a few in, while also leaving some time for some programming. We’re going to do just that for the October meeting and we’ve had the following topics and volunteers for quick talks, giving us a varied mix of content for the meeting.

Paul Williams – backbone.js

Paul wants to talk about a popular JavaScript “framework” he’s been using that allows you to organise JavaScript applications through models, views and collections, and provides binding between those three elements.

Trevor Adams – Teaching with TDD at Staffordshire University

Trevor previously presented to the group about teaching Agile methods and wants to give us some feedback from the ideas and practices that he’s tried out.

Paul Shannon – CQRS

Command Query Responsibility Segregation is a pattern originated by Greg Young that works on the premise of using a different model to write data to a persistent store than you do to retrieve the same information. This helps produce  efficient systems for read heavy applications and is the direction being taken by 7digital in their recent architecture changes.

Paul Williams – Frameworks

Paul has been reading about the varied use and timely use of frameworks and wants to talk more about this – vague I know, but it’ll be more of a surprise that way 😉

Paul Shannon – New Relic

If we have time, and if the internet connection works, then Paul will show off New Relic, a web app monitoring/analytics tool that breaks down web requests to a granular level – separating requests into page rendering, CLR/runtime execution, database calls, network traffic etc. This is currently in use on the 7digital API and live sites so Paul hopes to demonstrate the power of the tool by delving into some of the live data.

The Ordered Jobs Kata

Martin Rue recently posted a new kata he’d developed from a code problem he’d recently solved at work. He posted this on XP Manchester and has been adding completed solutions from various people as they have completed it in different languages. There are the usual suspects in terms of languages and even a few in SQL. You can tackle this problem at the October meeting in any language you like, using an test framework you like. As ever, there will be some TDD veterans at hand to help out anyone who hasn’t tried it before.


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