November 2012 – Kanban Introduction


Simple kanban board via Wikimedia Commons

Date: Thursday 29th November 2012

Time: 7:30pm start

Venue: The Stafford Ale House

Location: Google Maps

Introduction To Kanban

At last months meeting, due to technical problems, we didn’t get round to the Minisculus Challenge. However we did discuss the idea of extending the Alien Invasion project.

The catalyst of this project is that back in  June one of the ideas was that we should work on a project together. When we first tried the Alien Invasion we found that, due to a dependency on a client side library, participants were constrained to a .net implementation. In the discussion following there was a consensus that it would have been better for the clients to be language agnostic.

The intended outcomes of the project are:

  • To refactor the code so that it can be used via any web enabled language.
  • To act as the catalyst for discussions at our monthly sessions

It was agreed that Kanban would probably be a good fit for our project management needs, as it doesn’t specify fixed iterations. Additionally a number of the group, while being aware, have not used Kanban “in anger” so it was decided that this months session would be an introduction Kanban.

By happy coincidence Ash Moran is running a getKanban session at madlab in Manchester on the 24th November.  I’m very pleased to say that Ash has agreed to come in and run the “short” game play session for us. I will be going to the Saturday MadLab session and at the time time of writing there are still places available, join us if you can.


Hope to see you there


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