May 2012 – CRC Cards


CRC Card

Date: Monday 28th May 2012

Time: 7:45pm start (Slightly later than usual)

Venue: The Stafford Ale House
Location: Google Maps

Theme: Practical Session


The Homecoming!

Please note the new (old) venue. I’m pleased to announce that the Stafford Ale House is the new venue (ex Pie and Ale House). Same place – with much the same staff I believe.

This is a result as the facilities are much more suitable for our needs – certainly for workshop style meetings such as this months.

CRC Cards

This month we have a guest speaker, Sam Wessel. Sam is a founder member of our group, an ex Codeweaver and now is working in Nottingham for Esendex Ltd. He has presented at conferences such as the Scottish Ruby Conference , Agile North and is also actively involved with GeekUp Nottingham.

Sam will be leading a workshop style session providing a practical introduction into CRC cards.

Wikipedia states:

Class Responsibility Collaboration (CRC) cards are a brainstorming tool used in the design of object-oriented software. They were proposed by Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck. They are typically used when first determining which classes are needed and how they will interact.

My perspective is that the CRC technique can be incredibly useful on a number of counts:

  • Assists and reveals an OO design
  • Provides the team with a common understanding of the design and behaviour of a system
  • Can be useful as an OO teaching tool
  • Can be particularly useful for Visual Thinkers

All you need is a pen – there will be no coding. However I bet a number of us will want to code the designs we come up with!

Hope to see you there,
Neil Kidd


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