June Meeting: Flow and F1 In Paediatric Intensive Care

Intensive Air Flow © Paul Shannon 2010


Date: Thursday 30th June

Time: 7:15pm start to a 9:15pm (doors open at 6:30pm and close after last orders).

Location: http://www.pieandale.com

Theme: Flow and F1 In Paediatric Intensive Care

Guest Speakers

For the first time in a few months we have not one but two guest speakers (rather than members’ contributions). Our guests are both internationally renowned speakers and doctors of their respective professions.

Flow – Dr. Kevin Rutherford

Kevin’s experience in the software development industry and wealth of knowledge on the subject of Agile and related topics makes him the finest Agile Coach for miles around. He will be demonstrating the theory of constraints and the benefits of concentrating on batch sizes using a simple dice game. This great way of illustrating how agile methods can improve the flow of your value stream and make your work life easier and simpler is not one to miss. I’d recommend that everyone at your organisation should attend this talk as it has relevance in all areas of business, and is a great way to convince senior management that agile methods can work in your organisation.

F1 In Paediatric Intensive Care – Dr. Harriet Shannon

In 2005 Harriet took up a post as research physiotherapist at the UCL Institute of Child Health to investigate respiratory physiotherapy techniques in intensive care at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.  Harriet’s PhD work focussed on the safety and efficacy of on-call physiotherapy treatments in intensive care and she is now a primary tutor for the MSc Course in Advanced Physiotherapy at UCL.

Harriet’s talk, “F1 In Paediatric Intensive Care: Reducing Bottlenecks in Time Critical Environments”, comes from a partnership created at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children between the intensive care teams and the pit crews of Formula One teams. Both environments require precision in preparation and planning with constant analysis of process speed and obstacles. The talk should give you a good insight into the observations and changes made in these time critical arenas, where a slow reaction could be a matter of life or death (and winning or losing).

Agile North

Following a successful presentation by Agile Staffs regulars Paul Shannon and Neil Kidd they managed to shamelessly plug the June meeting so it seems appropriate to point out the information for New Members to show any “North” converts everything they need to know to come and join in the Staffordshire Agile fun.

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