June 2013 – Alien Invasion Replay

Alien Faces Vector Image by Vectorportal, on Flickr Re-coloured

Alien Faces Vector Image by Vectorportal

Date: Thursday 27th June 2013

Time: 7:00pm start (Please note time change)

Venue: Staffordshire University – Stafford Campus (K102 – the Octagon building)

Following last months session kicking off the Alien Invasion refactoring process, we discovered that a deeper and fresher understanding of the gameplay and strategies to defend earth would hopefully lead to a quicker and improved refactoring. After further discussion, we decided the best way to learn the problem domain would be to play the game again. Therefore, June’s session will be to have another go at Alien Invasion; a chance to kick some Alien Butt whilst trying to think how REST or other paradigms could be used to allow the kata to become language agnostic.

We have a live server running, so the pre-requisites for the session will be VS2010, an Nunit compliant test running (NUnit-console, Resharper, NCrunch or others). The distributable game component will be provided on a USB stick.

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