January 2012 Meeting – Space Invaders vs Continuous Testing

What it should look like with no glare [1680x1050]

What it should look like with no glare by DUCKofD3ATH

Date: Tuesday 24th January 2012

Time: 7:15pm start to 9:15pm (doors open at 6:30pm).

Location: http://www.pieandale.com

Theme: Practical Session

Space Invaders vs Continuous Testing

Paul Williams will be running this session, that he first took part in at the Software Craftsmanship Conference in 2011. Paul has since gone on to run this session at his place work, so he now has a fair bit of experience with it!  To minimise possible complications, we intend that the server will be run locally and connected to a wireless access point.

The description shamelessly taken from the original session description is (my emphasis):

A fun coding challenge to find the fastest way to develop reliable software, between: * Manual testing * TDD * Continuous testing. Participants will write code to defend earth from alien invasion. Score will be accumulated over 60 minutes depending on how many cities are successfully defended. Participants will be split into 3 groups, each representing a different testing practice. Scores will be averaged between the groups at the end of the session to determine some interesting statistics.

This session is for .NET developers only. Participants who wish to operate in the TDD group must have a manual test runner available on their machine that can run NUnit tests. Participants who wish to try out continuous testing are recommended to first try NCrunch on their machine ( www.ncrunch.net ) – though there will also be some setup time at the beginning of the session for those unfamiliar with this tool. Visual Studio 2010 will be used along with .NET v4.0. A downloadable solution will be made available at the beginning of the session containing the code and instructions needed to get started.


Lightning Talks

As yet their are no volunteers for a lightning talk. If you have any topic you’d like to share with the group then you can have a 10 minute slot at the beginning of the meeting. Please email the group or mention it at the venue before we start.

See you there.

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