Happy Birthday, and how’s agile changed in your life time?

Happy Birthday Agile Staffs – 5 years! It’s been emotional…

From those early days at the Pie and Ale with Paul Shannon, Neil Kidd and countless regulars that have come and gone. Even 5 years ago agile software development was little known in the Midlands.

We went through a struggled phase a couple of years ago with only around 3 attendees at sessions but we’ve recently been able to increase membership and have enjoyed some great sessions.

I’ve suggested this session should be an open discussion about how agile has changed in these times. Is it more popular than before? Is the manifesto still relevant, and being used to affect software development, or are we just cargo-culting? Stand-ups for stand-up sake, not actually delivering each iteration, not taking notice of WIP? What can we do to make sure Agile Staffs still here in another 5 years?

We should wrap up a little earlier than usual, and finish the birthday celebrations at the Knot and Plough around the corner.

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